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Hastings Chimney Sweeping Services

Chimney Services in Hasting

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Manual Chimney Sweeping

Rotary Power Sweeping

Removal of Blockages

Hastings chimney sweeping and services

Manual Chimney Sweeping

Our Manual Chimney Sweeping service uses a variety of specialist brush heads tailored to specific situations. These brush heads are connected to rods which are carefully inserted into the chimney and then moved in a back-and-forth, twisting motion to effectively remove debris. We typically use this system for more delicate masonry chimneys and metal flues to ensure thorough cleaning without causing damage.

Hastings chimney sweeping and services

Rotory Power Chimney Sweeping

In addition to our manual system, we also employ a more advanced method that uses a battery drill to power the spinning of the brush head.  Rotary power provides more efficient and effective removal of deposits from liners than traditional manual sweeping. We highly recommend this system whenever possible to ensure optimal cleaning results.

Hastings chimney sweeping and services

Removal of Chimney Blockages

There are several causes of blockages that can prevent smoke from effectively exiting the chimney or flue. Some simple causes include the incorrect cowl being fitted to the top of the chimney pot, or the chimney being capped off and left unused for an extended period of time. In such cases, we can help by removing the old cowl and fitting a suitable replacement. We offer a range of different cowls to suit varying situations.

Bird’s nests are another common cause of blockages in chimneys, and we are equipped to remove them safely and efficiently. However, the size of the nest can impact the duration of the removal process.

Defective masonry or linings within the chimney can also cause blockages. In such cases, we utilize CCTV inspections and surveys to investigate the issue and provide suitable recommendations to address the blockage.

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Chimney sweeping in Hastings and Surrounding areas

Chimney Sweep Areas Covered

Trusted local chimney sweep services for properties in Bexhill, Catsfield, Battle, Robertsbridge, Hurst Green, Hawkhurst, Sedlescombe, Staplecross, Westfield, Northiam, Catsfield, and Winchelsea. 

….but we do go further afield, so give us a call to check!


Prices start from £45.00 for a basic chimney sweep





All operational chimneys at a minimum should be inspected yearly by a certified professional and cleaned as required.

The inspection is necessary to ensure that the chimney is damage free and has adequate draft, is free of debris and cracks, has no loose or missing mortar joints.

We fully recommend having your chimney swept or inspected in the spring / summer.

There is a greater demand for chimney sweeping appointments in the warmer months, and if repairs are needed, it might  take at least 6 months to complete them.

We fully recommend having your chimney inspected and swept straight away! 

First check that your damper is fully open then make sure a window is open to air the room. 


Our prices start at £45 per sweep.